Designed by Italian design guru Roberto Danesi and constructed by Spanish craftsmen at BOS1964 in Barcelona, the Touring desk takes office furniture to new heights of luxury and sophistication.

The desk is created in piano lacquered tropical wenge timber and is the culmination of two years of design and construction. The surface lacquer is achieved by applying several layers of very compact and extremely hard material and then applying the traditional method of piano lacquer polishing with wool by hand. The work-surface is covered with supple Spanish cowhide to provide a plush finish.

Each Touring management desk takes eight weeks to complete and are hand numbered editions to preserve its exclusivity.

Even the Inox steelwork on the management desk / meeting table legs is bent, welded and polished several times over two days by BOS1964 in house artisans to create a fluid contemporary base.

Senior Interior Designer at Bafco in Dubai Nasim Eshghi said: “The Touring management desk has been described a ‘jewel’ within the top management world. It’s like the Steinway of office furniture and is the result of a close collaboration between qualified wood and metal specialists who have applied the most advanced techniques using the best materials in order to achieve impeccable finishes with strict focus on smallest details regarding design and functionality.”

The program was developed over a 2 year period before achieving an optimal & perfect end result. In the developing process the objective has been to search for fine elegant straight lines in a combination with white and black finishes. A development of a long lasting product has been achieved and there is a potential of getting classic status.

The desk table top is of great thickness and is also available in oak finished wenge. A special care been given to the combination of the different materials: steel profile with INOX finish which separated the working surface en leather from the front part in veneer and a perfect fit of the metallic INOX structure in the desk volume.

The “flying” part of the desk top is quite complex and the stability incorporated is a great achievement. The white lacquered desk allows to perfectly appreciating the balance of its volume. The work-surface is covered with leather to give a finish soft and pleasant feeling. The surface lacquer is achieved by applying several layers of very compact and extremely hard material and then applying the traditional method of piano lacquer polishing with wool by hand during 2 weeks.

The steel legs are made purely by hand. It is a very work intensive process to achieve the curved bottom part on each leg where the steel is bended, welded and polished several times. This is a unique art work on each desk. This is a 2 day task for 2 persons. The structures are made of steel given an exclusive treatment which consist of niquel bath, lacquered and polished by hand. To make a great upholstery job on the big desk working surface a careful selection of a big cowhide in perfect conditions is made. The upholstery of the desk is quite complex and is achieved by teaming up with the best handicraftsmen on upholstery which performs this task very carefully

All pieces come with three layers of polish with sanding by hand between each layer to achieve an optimal smooth adherence and durability. The wooden parts are all polished with lacquers of polyurethane with high content of solids to build a greater hardness without loosing the sensation of the wooden touch. All tables are finished by hand, pre-assembled in fabric, numbered one by one to guarantee a perfect assembly for the final client

A selection of clients with Touring: Coca Cola, Kazchrome, Mobinil, AKZO Nobel, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, VTB Bank, Magnificient Media Dubai, Gestamp, Gonvarri